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Grinder of TsKS-1 grain
  • Grinder of TsKS-1 grain
  • Grinder of TsKS-1 grain

Grinder of TsKS-1 grain

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Brand:Хорольский механический завод
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Grinder of TsKS-1 grain

Kruporezka SIMO TSKS-1 of continuous action is intended for grits grain cutting on krupozavoda and lines of grain flakes. It is also possible to use the car for cutting and other krupyany cultures.

Cleaning and drying of grain are important stages in the course of its postharvest processing. Just collected grain weight has high humidity to 25%, and sometimes even above. Besides, at grain there are weed impurity which humidity can reach 45%. If to store grain in such state, then its humidity will increase due to redistribution of moisture between the grain weight and foreign impurity that can lead to rotting of a harvest, development of pathogenic microorganisms and mold fungi, and in cold season to its podmorazhivaniye. In this regard, cleaning and drying of grain has to be made at once after it was collected from fields, moisture exchange did not manage to happen yet.

During purification of grain from weight not less than 50% of foreign impurity after process is complete grain are removed it is possible to send for drying. Implementation of preliminary cleaning and drying of grain allows to reduce its humidity to it is necessary the level when the possibility of self-warming of grain weight in the course of long storage is excluded. Correctly organized clarification and drying of grain weight promote physiological ripening of a harvest, improvement of its commodity qualities.

At the choice of the equipment for carrying out cleaning and drying of grain it is necessary to pay attention to its productivity, fuel consumption volumes, safety for personnel, a possibility of automatic work. In the course of drying of grain it is important to distinguish temperature of grain and temperature of the drying agent which is controlled by the operator of a zernosushilka .

For implementation of purification of grain of various impurity use various equipment: grain-cleaning machines (reveal impurity which differ from the main culture on length), kamneobornik, sitovy separators (remove the impurity differing on width and thickness), air separators (impurity with other aerodynamic properties).

Implementation of cleaning and drying of grain allows to increase quality of the grain and products of its processing, to raise a period of storage of a harvest and to minimize losses of grain in weight.

Country producer Ukraine
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Brand Horolsky mechanical plant
Brand:Хорольский механический завод
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 29.03.2019
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